Fortune, longevity, a journey: there are lots of meanings that the crane has in different countries around the world. This magnificent bird, symbol of elegance, is the emblem of Conte Lumelli, a lifestyle company founded in Milano by Domenico Conte and Diego Lumelli.

As the founding duo, Conte Lumelli is an eclectic brand, constantly looking for beauty, which pursues excellence where it is produced at its best, overcoming geographical, cultural and ideological barriers. Like a crane.

All products are designed to be made from the most important manufacturers and using the best raw materials. With this in mind, the Conte Lumelli candles are made according to the prestigious French wax tradition, using the fragrances specially created by renowned international “noses”; the glass and the packaging are strictly "Made in Italy".

Conte Lumelli's modern and international approach comes from the visual and sensorial baggage of its origins (from the legendary city of Sibari, to the regal Piedmont), enriched by countless journeys and which inevitably draws from the vast artistic and cultural heritage that surrounds it: Italy, the house of beauty.

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